Module 1-A

Training to First Solo


Find out for yourself if you're truly pilot material and give yourself an edge over the competition for anyone planning on attempting cadet interviews. This accelerated training package is designed for HK based future pilots who are keen to take the first step towards their dreams of becoming a pilot.

Module 1-B

CASA Recreational Pilot Licence


This pathway is designed for HK based applicants who are keen to either continue after completing Module 1A with us; towards their first Pilot's Licence, or start from the absolute beginning on an intensive accelerated training plan towards completing a CASA Recreational Pilot Licence within 3 months at our Parafield Airport base in Adealaide.

Module 2

CASA Private Pilot Licence


This package is tailored for individuals based in Hong Kong who are eager to take the next step towards a CASA Private Pilot Licence. Whether you've completed Module 1b with us and aim to progress towards your private pilot's Licence, or you're keen to start fresh on an intensive accelerated training plan to this license, we've got you covered. Talk to us today!

Module 3

CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (Phase 1)

商業機師執照課程 (1)

This pathway is tailored for individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a Commercial Pilot. Our Mod 3 package incorporates an accelerated intensive training plan aimed at achieving your CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). Get ready to step up your game and become career ready. Spend just three months on this plan in Adelaide and complete phase 1 of getting your CPL with us at Parafield Airport, Adelaide. Prerequisite: CASA PPL(A)

Module 4

CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (Phase 2)

商業機師執照課程 (2)

This package is tailored for CASA Private Pilots based in Hong Kong, with passes in all 7 CASA CPL Subjects, prgressing after Mod 3 with us. Mod 4 is an accelerated and intensive three months package which will take you through to the CASA CPL flight test.

Module 5-A

Flight Instructor Rating


Our Flight Instructor Rating program is designed for HK based experienced pilots who are ready to share their passion for flying by becoming certified flight instructors. Our comprehensive and intensive training program will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this rewarding role.

Module 5-B

Multi Engine Instrument Rating


Our Multi-Engine Instrument Rating program is tailored for CASA CPL holders based in Hong Kong who are eager to expand their horizons and advance their careers in the field of aviation. Located at our training base at Parafield Airport, Adelaide, we offer a supportive and dynamic learning environment where you'll work closely with experienced instructors to master the intricacies of multi-engine instrument flying.


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