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Trial Instructional

Flight (Voucher)

A Trial Instructional Flight is like a sneak peek into the cockpit playground, where you actually take the controls and fly an aeroplane! Don't worry, there'll be a pro pilot showing you the ropes.


Zero to First Solo

Going from zero flight experience to your first solo flight is like starting with a blank canvas and then painting your very own masterpiece in the sky! Build a strong foundation of skills to open pathways to any Pilot Licence.

One step further and get your...


RPL (Recreational Pilot Licence)

From your first solo flight to earning your Recreational Pilot Licence, it's like upgrading from a solo act to becoming the star of your aviation show!


PPL (Private Pilot Licence)

Progressing from your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is like unlocking the full story mode in your flying adventure – now you're ready to soar even higher and explore the skies with more freedom!


CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)

Evolving from a Private Pilot to a Commercial Pilot is like leveling up from flying for fun to taking flight as a profession – you're now on the path to turning your passion into a career among the clouds!


Ratings & Endorsements

Adding ratings and endorsements to your existing pilot licence, instrument ratings is like expanding your aviation toolkit, allowing you to tackle new flying challenges and explore different realms of the sky with confidence and expertise!


Flight Reviews

Picture your licence's expiration date as the 'Do Not Enter' sign in the aviation playground. A flight review with us is your secret pass to extend the fun, keep your wings legal, and stay on the right side of the aviation law party!


Hire & Fly

Experience the sky-high excitement of 'Hire & Fly,' just like renting a convertible but with wings! Our planes are your passport to adventure in the skies – join us and let the good times take flight!


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